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Fuel oil consumption of automobiles has a significant place on the agenda of the producers due to reasons such as environmental concerns and savings awareness. The search for alternatives caused by that has brought the automotive sector together with LPG, which is an environmentally conscious fuel, and as a result the Autogas alternative has been agreed as a solution offering maximum satisfaction for manufacturers and users. In recent years, Autogas has also become a demanded product in Turkey.

With nearly 2.5 million tons of consumption, Autogas represents about 70% of the LPG market in Turkey. According to the estimates, Turkish autogas market consists of 2.5 million vehicles. Over 8500 autogas stations operate in the market where there are over 60 firms. Turkey leads the world in terms of the number of autogas stations.

In terms of LPG consumption in Europe and worldwide, after the top consumer South Korea, Turkey ranks the second globally and 1st in Europe. The most important cause of the fast development of LPG market is: autogas LPG has significantly lower levels of greenhouse emissions in comparison to gasoline, thus impacts positively in reducing global warming. The TS EN 589 Standard determines the quality of autogas. With a technically accurate transformation, a vehicle running on autogas pollutes the air with 12% less CO2 than a gasoline vehicle.

Autogas is
  • Safe : If you have your vehicle transformed to LPG in an authorized service, in accordance with the legislation and the standards and perform periodic maintenance on a timely basis, autogas is exceptionally safe.
  • Economic : It is 30% more economic compared to gasoline. Maintenance cost of an autogas vehicle is substantially lesser than that of a vehicle running on diesel.
  • Environment friendly : Autogas has significantly lower emission rates compared to gasoline and diesel. Therefore, it is much more suitable fuel compared to other alternatives for preventing problems such as global warming and air pollution.